Admissibility Hearings - 3. What to expect at an admissibility hearing

The Immigration Division member

The ID member (decision-maker) is in charge of the hearing. The member will start by introducing everyone and explain what is going to happen.


If you do not understand French or English, an interpreter will be at the hearing to translate for you. If there is an interpreter at your hearing, the member will check that you understand each other.

Evidence and Submissions

The CBSA representative will explain why the CBSA believes you should not be allowed to enter or remain in Canada.

You may be called as a witness and asked questions. The CBSA representative, your own counsel and the member can all ask you questions.

You or your counsel will then be asked to respond, to explain your story and to ask questions.

If there are witnesses to give information, the CBSA representative, you, your counsel, or the member may all ask them questions.