Refugee Appeal Division: Practice notice of extended time limit for perfecting an appeal

​​The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) has issued a Practice Notice extending the time limit for perfecting an appeal to 45 days after the receipt of the written reasons for the decision of the Refugee Protection Division (RPD).

The objective of this extension is two fold: to ease the burden on appellants by allowing more time to produce an appellant's record (AR) as well as to reduce overall processing delays by reducing the number of formal and informal applications for extensions.

An appellant who requires more than 45 days must make an application in accordance with the RAD Rules.

Failure to submit a completed appeal or an application for an extension on time may result in the RAD dismissing the appeal.

The effective date of this change is September 28, 2020. This is a temporary extension. We will evaluate the success of this measure after one year and will consider at that time if this extension has met its dual objectives. This extension does not apply to the time limit for filing a notice of appeal, which remains at 15 days.