Important information for IRB employees


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Helpful teleconference and collaboration tools​

Conference call options​ – for all employees​

Learn how you can book video /audio conference calls through MS Teams.​

Secure video conferencing option – for IRB hearings

This user-friendly solution is a flexible, secure option for your video conferencing needs, including virtual hearings. You’ll need a webcam and a headset. To download and access Jabber, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu
  2. Type Software Center
  3. Select the Software Center, Jabber should be listed under the Applications menu item, then choose Jabber and then click Install

Please do not download Jabber until you have received your official invitation to do so from the Service Desk.​

Moving to the cloud Microsoft 365​

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a cloud-based solution that is being rolled out to all employees, which will include: MS Teams and OneDrive.​

Employees will be able to collaborate on documents in real time with cloud-based storage guaranteeing quick and easy file access. Our email system will also become cloud-based, eliminating the need for storage limits in our mailboxes. ​

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