Report on the Protocol Addressing Member Conduct Issues: 2015–2016

In 2015–16, a total of five expressions of concern about a member's conduct were made in writing to a member manager. Four were dismissed and one was founded and resolved informally.

In this case, article 26 of the Code of Conduct for Members of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada was invoked. The member recognized that a more strict observation of this article would have been appropriate in the circumstances and accepted to undergo additional training on the Code.

  • 26. Unless permitted under the Act, members shall not communicate directly or indirectly with any party, counsel, witness, interpreter or other non-IRB participant appearing before them in a proceeding, except in the presence of all parties or their counsel, if such communication may create a reasonable apprehension of bias.

Of the expressions of concern, two were related to sections 22:

  • 22. Members shall conduct hearings in a courteous and respectful manner while ensuring that the proceedings are fair, orderly and efficient.