Refugee determination: IRB growth and transformation agenda

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IRB growth and transformation agenda

Fiscal year2017–182018–19 2019–202020–212021–22
Quarter Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
Finalizations 19,07020,74023,44026,75028,940 29,77031,000 34,85039,220 42,22043,00045,00046,000 47,000 48,000 50,000 26,00026,00026,00026,000
Fiscal Year2017–182018–192019–202020–212021–22
Commitment 32,00040,70050,000 
FTE complement1,0571,245 up 18%1,592* up 29%1,876* up 18%1,154* down 38%
Total budget$138M$173M up 25%$225M* up 30%$281M* up 25%$133M* down 53%
Cost per decision$3,260** down 16%$3,080** down 6%$3,080*** up 0%$3,080 (TBD)TBD

* Projected

** Based on actual expenses (including actual benefit costs) charged to the RPD program activity in addition to the costs that "Public Services and Procurement Canada" spends for us without charging us.

*** Based on P6 forecast, including reprofile

Efficiency measures taken or in development

Refugee determination continuumEfficiency measures taken or in development
  • Electronic exchange of RPD records (counsel to IRB)
  • ICAC: hearing-ready files
  • Electronic exchange of records for all divisions through portal (two-way)
  • Task force for less complex claims
  • Streaming to full/short hearing and paper review
  • Assisted triage and scheduling using data analytics
Case management
  • Improved situational awareness (Ops plans)
  • Strategic case management priorities and initiatives
  • National productivity model
  • Decision builder tool
  • Optimized research products
  • Modernize suite of tools for decision-makers
  • National digitized caseload (RAD)
  • Enhanced decision-maker support
  • Simplified decisions (RAD)
  • Adjudicative strategy (RAD)

2018–19: 30% increase in finalizations with 23% increase in funding

Over the past 2 years (2018–2020) 80% increase in finalizations with 57% increase in funding

December 17, 2019