Information on reclassifications

These changes are part of the classification reform initiative, whose purpose is to improve how people in the Public Service of Canada are managed by updating and improving how we value and compensate the many kinds of work that our employees do to bring programs and services to Canadians.

Reclassification of occupied positions in the Public Service of Canada is an important and necessary business management option. However, when contemplating changes to a position that may result in reclassification, management must endeavour to ensure the proper, effective and efficient use of public money. The cost implication accociated with upward reclassification must be known, transparent and support accountability for classification decisions.

The rules and principles governing the reclassification of occupied positions are outlined in the Guidelines to Reclassification (you are leaving the IRB website). Please note that information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act (you are leaving the IRB website) and Privacy Act (you are leaving the IRB website) does not appear in this section.


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