Members of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Members of the the Immigration
and Refugee Board of Canada

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Members of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

IRB members make important decisions on refugee and immigration matters, protecting those in need and safeguarding the public interest.

See why being a member is right for you

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) members work in four divisions across Canada:

  • The Refugee Protection Division (RPD)
  • The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)
  • The Immigration Division (ID)
  • The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

They play a vital role in providing protection to those in need, ensuring the safety and security of Canadians, reuniting families, and protecting the integrity of Canada’s immigration and refugee system. Members must balance all these considerations when making their decisions, with human rights being at the core of the organization's mandate.

Reasons to work here

Challenge yourself

Members need to be curious, open-minded and adaptable. They need to learn about and analyze emerging issues in law, human rights, and country conditions throughout the world.

Members enjoy working in a unique position where no two cases are alike. Members will not only familiarize themselves with various issues from one day to the next, but also have to work with a wide variety of people.

Find meaning

The decisions that members make each day have a profound impact on the people that appear before them and on Canadians.

As Canada’s largest independent administrative tribunal, the IRB plays an important part in maintaining Canada’s world-renowned human rights and justice traditions.

Be independent

Members enjoy autonomy as independent decision-makers. They make fair decisions in accordance with the law, impartially and free of improper influence.

Being independent doesn’t mean being alone; members also benefit from the support of their teams, legal advisors, researchers and other resources to help them do their work.

Become an expert

As members progress in their careers, they’ll enjoy the opportunity to gain and grow expertise in immigration and refugee law, world geography and cultures, hearing management, and many other areas.

World-class training is provided for new members to prepare them for the job, including ongoing training, as law, world issues, technology and best practices evolve. Whether in the classroom or in the hearing room, members will always have opportunities to learn and grow.

Join the team!

There are many reasons to join our team, including:

Salary and benefits

Public servant and Governor in Council member positions offer competitive compensation, pension and benefit packages.

Learning and development

As part of the IRB team, you’ll benefit from extensive training opportunities. You’ll have access to the Canada School of Public Service and to private training. We also offer mentoring and job shadowing opportunities to help you advance in your career.


We have offices in central Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary. These locations are all accessible by public transport, by foot and by bike. Near our offices you’ll find many great restaurants, stores, fitness clubs, and more!

Work-life balance

As part of our team you’ll benefit from regular working hours, generous leave provisions (including vacation, family-related and volunteer days), and in some cases, flexible work and telework arrangements.

A respectful workplace

The IRB is dedicated to providing a respectful and harassment-free workplace. We value diversity and have a keen focus on employee wellness and mental health.

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