IRB launches Post-hearing Survey on March 29, 2019

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) has launched its national, online Post-hearing Survey.

The objective of the survey is to improve the quality and fairness of hearings based on the feedback of those who appear before the Board. This survey is in keeping with the IRB's ongoing commitment to quality hearings.

All parties appearing before the IRB are encouraged to take a few minutes after their hearing to tell us about their experience. The survey is open to refugee claimants, appellants, counsel, designated representatives, Minister's counsel and other persons concerned.

Persons concerned are defined as:

  • Refugee claimants appearing before the Refugee Protection Division;
  • Refugee appellants appearing before the Refugee Appeal Division;
  • Immigration appellants appearing for a sponsorship appeal, a removal order appeal or a residency obligation appeal;
  • Individuals appearing for an admissibility hearing before the Immigration Division; and
  • Individuals concerned appearing for a detention review hearing before the Immigration Division.

Eligible persons are encouraged to complete a survey for each individual hearing they attend. Responses must be submitted within 10 days of the hearing. Participation is voluntary and responses are confidential. The results will not include identifiable information.  

The survey only applies to cases with an oral hearing. The survey does not apply, for example, to refugee claims finalized under the file-review process, immigration appeals resolved in alternative dispute resolution, or refugee appeals conducted through paper proceedings.

To access the survey, please register at the link below. You will then be asked for your email address. The purpose of registering with your email address is to ensure that the survey is not being completed by an internet robot. The IRB cannot see the email address associated with a completed survey.