Measures for processing of files for Afghan nationals

Political situation in Afghanistan

​The IRB is responsible for deciding claims for refugee protection that are made from within Canada. The IRB does not deal with refugee protection claims that are made by people who are outside of Canada, nor does it manage Canada’s immigration programs, or provide assistance to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Visit Canada’s response to the situation in Afghanistan to learn more about the supports that are available, and who to contact for assistance.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is aware of and monitoring the rapid changes in the political and security situation in Afghanistan. The Board is currently taking measures to expedite the resolution of all existing files currently before the IRB relating to individuals from Afghanistan, across each of its divisions.​

  • All refugee claims from Afghanistan are being actively examined by the Refugee Protection Division's Task Force on Less Complex Claims.
  • All refugee appeals from Afghanistan before the Refugee Appeal Division are now with or are being actively assigned to members for review.
  • All admissibility hearings and immigration appeals related to Afghanistan are being actively scheduled before the Immigration Division and the Immigration Appeal Division respectively.

Given that the total number of files from Afghanistan represent a small proportion of the Board's overall inventory, these measures will not impact the processing of files from other countries.

Anyone believing they have a matter that should be expedited under these measures should contact the respective registry.