Providing feedback on accessibility to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Your feedback will help the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) identify and remove any barriers to accessibility for all.

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How to provide feedback

You can provide feedback regarding IRB’s Accessibility Plan in several ways:

Submit feedback anonymously

If you wish to provide your feedback anonymously:

  • by feedback form: do not include your name or email address. Please enter the following information:
    • First name field: Not applicable
    • Last name field: Not applicable
    • email address field:
  • by mail: do not include your return address on the envelope if you send feedback by mail

If you would like a reply

Simply indicate if you would like a reply and we​ will follow up with you within 5 business days.

What we do with your feedback

Your feedback is always useful to us, for example in identifying trends and patterns. The only time your feedback will be connected to you is when you request a personal response from our Accessibility Team.

We publish annual progress reports, including reporting on the feedback we receive and how we are taking it into consideration.

Request an alternate format

Alternate formats of feedback process, accessibility plan or progress reports can be made available:​

  • print
  • large print
  • braille
  • audio
  • electronic formats compatible with adaptive technology