Committee overview

​​House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PACP)

Committee Mandate

When the Speaker tables a report by the Auditor General in the House of Commons, it is automatically referred to the Public Accounts Committee. The Committee selects the chapters of the report it wants to study and calls the Auditor General and senior public servants from the audited organizations to appear before it to respond to the Office of the Auditor General’s findings. The Committee also reviews the federal government’s consolidated financial statements – the Public Accounts of Canada – and examines financial and/or accounting shortcomings raised by the Auditor General. At the conclusion of a study, the Committee may present a report to the House of Commons that includes recommendations to the government for improvements in administrative and financial practices and controls of federal departments and agencies.

Government policy, and the extent to which policy objectives are achieved, are generally not examined by the Public Accounts Committee. Instead, the Committee focuses on government administration – the economy and efficiency of program delivery as well as the adherence to government policies, directives and standards. The Committee seeks to hold the government to account for effective public administration and due regard for public funds.

Pursuant to Standing Order 108(3) of the House of Commons, the mandate of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts is to review and report on:

  • The Public Accounts of Canada;
  • All reports of the Auditor General of Canada;
  • The Office of the Auditor General’s Departmental Plan and Departmental Results Report; and,
  • Any other matter that the House of Commons shall, from time to time, refer to the Committee. 

The Committee also reviews:

  • The federal government’s consolidated financial statements;
  • The Public Accounts of Canada;
  • Makes recommendations to the government for improvements in spending practices;
  • Considers the Estimates of the Office of the Auditor General.

Other Responsibilities:

  • The economy, efficiency and effectiveness of government administration;
  • The quality of administrative practices in the delivery of federal programs; and,
  • Government’s accountability to Parliament with regard to federal spending. 

Committee Members

Kelly BlockConservativeCarlton Trail—Eagle CreekNew Member
Lloyd LongfieldLiberalGuelphReturning Member
Maxime Blanchette-JoncasBloc QuébécoisRimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les BasquesReturning Member, Public Accounts Critic
Luc BertholdConservativeMégantic—L’ÉrableNew Member, TBS Critic
Phillip LawrenceConservativeNorthumberland—Peterborough SouthNew Member, National Revenue Critic
Len WebberConservativeCalgary ConfederationNew Member
Matthew GreenNew Democratic PartyHamilton CentreReturning Member
Kody BloisLiberalKings—HantsNew Member
Greg FergusLiberalHull—AlymerReturning Member, (Non-voting - 42nd Parliament)
Francesco SorbaraLiberalVaughan—WoodbridgeReturning Member, (43rd-1 Parliament)
Jean YipLiberalScarborough—AgincourtReturning Member, (42nd Parliament)