ID operational plan overview

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2020–21 monthly targets

2020-21 monthly targets Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total
Admissibility hearing* (AH) projected target: 90025255025255080100105125140150900
AH high end target: 990 25255025256595115125140150150990
AH intake 292653569999108      
AH intake (YTD)2955108190232303408      
AH actual 233068694271106      
AH actual (YTD) 2353121190232303408      
AH variance from intake (YTD) -21%-4%12%16%-12%-16%-13%      
2020-21 monthly targets Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total
Detention Review (DR) projected target: 8,0003203203203504154158009609601,0001,0501,0908,000
DR high end target: 8,8003203203154005007501,0001,0001,0001,0651,0651,0658,800
DR intake 347258275359334375386      
DR intake (YTD)3476058801,2391,5731,9482,334      
DR actual447270268333329377420      
DR actual (YTD)4477179851,3181,6472,0242,448      
DR variance from intake (YTD)29%19%12%6%5%4%5%      

* Factors that will have impact on meeting the finalizations targets and the time standard for admissibility hearings: Admissibility hearings in the inventory – comprise higher proportion of more complex cases, will likely require more than one sitting; Availability of hearing rooms – will impact the scheduling capacity of more cases in Q3 and Q4; Video conferencing – some clients do not have access to video conferencing; Registry – gradual ramp-up required; CBSA availability; Lower intake than projected targets.

2020–21 strategic case management priorities: year-to-date results

Admissibility hearings

Output to intake ratio

  Output to intake ratio87%13%
Target: 100% AH output to intake ratio

Processing time

Concluded within 6 months61%39%
Target: 50% of AH concluded within 6 months
Concluded within 10 months86%14%
Target: 80% of AH concluded within 10 months

Age of inventory

Less than 6 months 6-12 months 13+ months
Number of cases 284 (52%)171 (31%)89 (16%)

Detention reviews

Output to intake ratio

Output to intake ratio105%0%
Target: 98% DR output to intake ratio

Time compliance – legislated requirement

Actual results: 48 hours 94%6%
Actual results: 7 day 93%7%
Actual results: 30 day 97%3%
Target: 96% for all types of detention reviews

To protect the health and safety of employees and hearing participants and to allow the ID to focus on critical operations, the Division temporarily suspended all non-detained admissibility hearings in March 2020. As a result of the delay in scheduling hearings caused by this temporary suspension, the ID has revised its administrative target for the processing of admissibility hearings for 2020–21.

Increase to planned results required to meet target0% or lessUp to 10%Over 10%