Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) statistics

​​Key Messages

  • The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) inventory decreased to 3,712 pending appeals at the end of March 2020. This was 31% less than in March 2019. At the end of October 2020 inventory decreased to 3,321.
  • The inventory now represents approximately 17 months of work for the IAD at the target annual finalization rate of 2,400. However, through a balanced case management approach (older and newer cases), the expectation is that the Division’s average process time will remain approximately 12 months for this year.
  • IAD intake for Fiscal Year 2019-20 was 4,147 appeals filed, a decrease of 3% compared to Fiscal Year 2018-19. Intake from April to October 2020 was 851 appeals, a decrease of 64% compared to the same period in 2019-20.


Fiscal year
2017-182018-192019-2012 months ending October 2020​
Received4,707 4,262 4,147 2,623
Finalized6,765 7,111 5,821 3,484
Pending8,235 5,386 3,712 3,321*

*pending as of October 31, 2020

Wait Times

  • Persons with immigration appeals pending prior to the pandemic will see their wait times increase by at least four months due to COVID-19 related disruptions to operations.
  • The average processing time is expected to remain approximately 12 months through a balanced case management approach for the remainder of the year.